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COS Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment Process

COS Equivalent Course List

First page of the PDF file: COSEquivanentCourseList222019

COS Concurrent Enrollment

All students interested in taking a COS Concurrent Enrollment class for the Summer and/or Fall 2024 semesters and have NOT attended one of our COS Concurrent workshops please email your Learning Director or Counselor directly. You can find their email by clicking HERE.

You may also click HERE for more information.


COS Concurrent & Dual Enrollment Process

Please click on this link to follow the CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT process. 

Please click on this link to follow the DUAL ENROLLMENT process.

Please be sure to schedule an appointment with your Learning Director/Counselor to discuss more in detail the courses that would best benefit you. The COS courses are available on the COS class search website.

If you have questions regarding the COS courses and what it entail, please contact COS directly. The EDHS Learning Directors/Counselors can help with the registration process but the COS staff can guide you on details of the course and expectation. 

Items to keep in mind:

1. Two important Board Policy revisions occurred in June clarifying credits and weights regarding students taking college coursework while in high school. Students who complete college coursework from June 26, 2018 and thereafter, will receive honors weight on a 5.0 scale for coursework transferable to a four year university. Non-transferable college coursework will not be given the honor weight. To receive high school credit for college coursework it must: satisfy college entrance requirements, apply toward college-level general education requirements, or is part of a vocational or career technical education course leading to a degree or certificate. These policies have been updated to allow greater flexibility and options for students, to foster students’ ability to be college/career ready, and to align with common statewide practices. To better understand how these changes may affect you or your student or for more information on how to take a college course concurrently, please contact Student Services at 735-3523.

2. It is up to the student to research on how many of the college courses taken at COS will transfer to their college of choice after high school.

3. If student would like their COS course to be posted on their EDHS transcript, the student must request an official transcript from COS to be sent to El Diamante High School.

4. If students are interested in taking a course in hopes that it will replace a needed course for graduation, they must meet with their Learning Director/Counselor to ensure it is a course that will suffice.