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Attendance Office Info

Please call to report your student's absence using the info below: 

Grades 9-11

Last Names A-K

Grades 9-11

Last Names L-Z

Grade 12

All Seniors

Mrs. Gonzales

Attendance Clerk


Ms. Vargas

Attendance Clerk


Ms. Cervantes

Admin. Assistant



Attendance Policies


Parents need to call the attendance office within 24 hours when your student is absent 

from school. Any freshman, sophomore or junior student who is out due to illness for 

more than three consecutive days must present a doctor’s note on the day of their return 

in order to clear the absences. A senior student must present a note each time they are 

out ill as stated in the 94% policy (see below).


Doctor Appointments

Parents need to call first thing in the morning to order a leaving pass for their student 

when they have a doctor’s appointment. The student should pick up the leaving pass 

early in the day so that they can show their teacher the pass and leave class at the 

appropriate time. Please also arrange a meeting point with your child in advance so they 

know where to meet you once they are released from campus.  Note--Freshman students: Parents

need to come in and pickup in the office.


Items being dropped off for students

The El Diamante Office cannot accept any items for students, including food, practice equipment, or clothes.

Parents must arrange for students to pick up items either between passing periods or at lunch.



The Student Attendance Review Board reviews cases of students with at least 10 

unexcused absences. This is the first step in the legal process to ensure that all students 

are attending school regularly. 



Court Attendance Review Board reviews cases that were not resolved through the SARB 

process. This is the second step of the legal process and the case is turned over to the 

court system and law enforcement agencies become involved in monitoring student 



94% Attendance Policy for Seniors      (Board Policy AR 5127)

  1. Students must be in class at least 94% of the periods during the senior year of high school to 

     participate in commencement ceremonies.

  1. This is not an excused/unexcused absence policy. It is an attendance policy. The type of   

    absence does not matter with the following exceptions:

           -doctor appointment or a doctor mandated stay at home

           -subpoenas to court

           -funeral or an immediate family member

           -approved and completed furlough

           -participated in a school activity

  1. It is up to the student to bring verification from the doctor or court for an exception. Otherwise, 

    the absence will count against the policy. Verification must be brought within three school days 

    following the absence. 

  1. Saturday School attendance (all four hours) may clear one absence. Banking of Saturday 

    School credit is NOT allowed.

Appeal Process

An appeal must be originated by the parent. This appeal must be in writing using the Attendance 

Policy Appeal Form available in the Attendance office. 

The appeal board consists of the Principal, Attendance Secretary, Counselor 

and one teacher. The appeal board’s decision is final.